Pump Station Efficiency and Life Cycle Cost Verification

Pumping system owners are required to spend enormous amounts of capital to install new and upgraded pumping systems. Motors, pumps, pipelines, reservoirs, pump station and control systems are installed after which they run for decades. It is vital that they operate at optimum performance in order to limit cost over these many decades.

The following components consume energy.
• Motors inefficiency cannot be reduced unless the entire motor is replaced. For new and upgraded systems it is unlikely that motors will be inefficient.
• Piping system friction results in increased pump head and energy consumption.
• Pump performance is the most critical parameter in pumping system Life Cycle Cost, LCC, and should be measured through the life of the pump station.

TAS Online offers fixed thermodynamic pump performance monitoring, to establish the performance of a system. We use the unrivalled Robertson Technology thermodynamic hardware and signal processing systems to measure pump efficiency within 0.5%.

• For large new and upgraded pump stations the thermodynamic monitoring provides instant graphical verification of pump performance in relation to the pump curves and to the system requirements.
• For pump changes we can measure the performance before and after the modifications in order to establish the reduction in LCC obtained from the investment.

The offering is ideal for both pump owners and pump suppliers. For pump suppliers, the Robertson thermodynamic system can be supplied as a standalone system, which can be moved to another pump station one year after commissioning. Upfront purchase costs are thus recovered through offering performance validation to multiple clients over many years.

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