Pump Station Energy Optimisation through Real Time Intelligent Control

Robertson Technologies MicroPM pump monitoring unit measures pump efficiency and flow accurately. Robertson’s Micro Station Monitor harnesses this generated information and collected data on the system curve to provide intelligent pump control to reduce energy consumption. As pumps wear their curves change. Typically in VSD controlled systems, as individual pump wear the control system continues to run them at the same speed irrespective of their state of wear. Worn pumps are pushed further left on their curve into less efficient and mechanically unsound areas of operation. Energy consumption is increased and pump deterioration accelerated.

The Robertson Micro Station Monitor determines the required dynamic head and determines the speed at which each pump must be run in order to achieve this head while operating at its MicroPM determined best efficiency. Pumps are then selected to run based on these calculations and energy savings are obtained. Over time, as pumps wear, 5-10% savings are achieved through this intelligent control. Thus for a system pulling 1000kW across multiple pumps, savings of R200-400,000 per annum can be achieved.

Contact Greg Adcock to discuss the potential for applying the Robertson Micro Station Monitor to your pumping system to achieve cost savings. greg@tasonline.co.za