Thermodynamic Pump Monitoring

Determination of individual pump performance traditionally uses flow, power and pressure measurement instrumentation. Due to various factors the accuracy of these measurements on site is sometimes not accurate or reliable, resulting in efficiency measurements being incorrect. Robertson Technology has developed highly accurate and stable temperature probes to measure water temperature before and after the pump. Combining these temperature measurements with pump head provides a real time individual pump efficiency value within 0.5% of the true value. Data can then be used with confidence to plan maintenance and to control pumps.

Robertson Technology can assist you in the following ways:
• The MicroPM pump monitoring unit with its associated temperature and pressure probes provides real time data on pump efficiency, within 0.5%.
• The Micro Station Monitor provides scheduling instructions which enables the pump control system to reduce energy consumed by the pump station while still meeting the volumetric demand.

MicroPM pump monitoring unit

Pressure probes could be attached via existing tapping points in pump flanges

MicroPM Installation schematic

T1 : Suction temperature; T2 : Discharge temperature; dT : Differential temperature; P1 : Suction pressure; P2 : Discharge pressure; dP : Differential pressure; Head : Total Dynamic Head; Eff : Pump Efficiency; Overall eff : Overall (wire-to-water) Efficiency; Flow : Flow rate; Power : Electrical power to motor; Speed : Motor shaft speed


Browser display of recorded data, units can be metric or US

Browser display of operating point

See graphically if pumps are operating near the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) and within manufacturer’s Preferred Operating Range (POR), together with comparison with reference curves


MicroStM (Micro Station Monitor)