TAS Online is the leading independent pumping systems consultancy in South Africa, with invaluable experience in pumping system audits. We provide our clients with professional reports detailing findings on the condition of the plant’s key components, supported by photographic evidence, vibration analysis and pump performance and electrical equipment test results.

Our assessments are crucial in establishing plant status and identifying dysfunctional and problematic equipment and processes. These can then be rectified resulting in a more reliable operation with reduced maintenance costs

Where conditions allow, TAS Online will also establish the current efficiency of the pumps and recommend improvements, which may be operational and / or mechanical, supported by a budgetary business case. Execution of these recommendations will reduce operating costs both in terms of electricity consumption and reduced maintenance.

Assess Process

Trash Removal: Determine effectiveness of grit removal processes, strainers and machinery. Sump Status: Evaluate grit removal procedure, pump start-up and priming requirement. Storage Capacity: Assess capacity to avoid spillage when plant is not operational; Valve Leakage: Detection of leaking valves, resulting in re-circulated flow and energy wastage.

Machinery Condition

Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis of all rotating machinery, identifying the following issues:

Misalignment and rotating unbalance
Coupling damager
Structural looseness / softfoot
Bearing damage, faults and failure

Control Methodology

Determine suitability, and economic or maintenance ramifications, of stop-start pump operation. Analysis of control: investigate suitability of Soft-Start or Variable Speed Drives for level-control.

Pump Performance

Individual pump performance is evaluated from flow rate and motor power measurements.
Calibrated portable instruments are used to obtain measurements, where possible.
Pipeline blockages: sewage pumps are often inefficiently throttled far left on the pump performance curve, either from blockage or incorrect operator intervention,
We will provide the manufacturer’s pump performance curve for installed pumps and the pump’s current operating point
Note that the completeness and precision of performance measurements may be reduced due to limited access that typically occurs at wastewater pump stations and health concerns.

Electrical Equipment

Inspection of electrical panels, power cables, switchgear, transformers, motors and generators. Partial discharge and overheating detection: This is the main indicator of insulation failure. CableWISE© assessment to detect insulation slits, cuts, no semi-conductive paint, poor crimping, sharp edges, internal/surface arcing, weak terminations and splices causing partial discharge.
Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) forms a cable temperature profile identifying hot-spots. Transformers: incipient faults detection by measuring cellulose degradation, moisture, dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide levels
Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Transient Earth Voltage, Acoustic fault detection and monitoring systems, and Infra-red technologies are used in conjunction with each other.